Shortly we will put a return form here, so you can fill it online, if you prefer. Until that, just email if you have any trouble, and we'll deal with you return, exchange, withdrawal in person!



The right of withdrawal applies for 14 days after you have claimed your items at your FedEx outlet, meaning that your return item has to be shipped within 14 days after you have collected the original package. Your items have to be sent back in unaltered condition in their original packaging and in the same or similar bag/packaging they were delivered in. If done so, we will make sure you will get your money back as soon as possible, at the latest 14 days after we have received your return package. Please note that gift cards are non-returnable.

In accordance with Swedish Distance and Doorstep Sales Act the withdrawal period is 14 days. This means that you are legally entitled to withdraw you purchase and return the goods, or notify us that you intend to return the goods within 14 days after you have received it. To be able to make use of your right of withdrawal you need do return the goods, or inform us of your intention to return the goods, within 14 days of your receipt. You also need to make sure the goods is in an essentially unaltered condition. After that, you are bound obliged to resend us the goods. 

Please note that goods manufactured or altered upon customer request, or goods that in another way has been given special features, are not subject to the right of withdrawal.


At the moment we are unable to handle exchanges. If you wish to exchange an item, for instance into a different size or color, simply return your item to us and order another one at


Goods being shipped back to OSCAR OF SWEDEN has to be packaged so that it is completely protected during transport. Therefore OSCAR OF SWEDEN requires you to package the products in the same way and with the same packaging materials as when they were delivered to you (provided that the material is not damaged). Should you package products insufficiently resulting in the items being damaged during transport to OSCAR OF SWEDEN, you, as a customer, are responsible for those damages.

When returning products to OSCAR OF SWEDEN, you are responsible for them arriving at OSCAR OF SWEDEN in an undamaged condition.




If you, as a customer, have bought a product as a private person, you have the right to return that product if it is faulty as described in the Swedish Consumer Sales Act (1990:932) and Swedish Consumer Service Act (1985:716). The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects and applies for three years after the product has come into your possession. The warranty also covers defects that have occurred during transport of the product to you (see Complaints Caused by Transport Damage below). A product that differs from the product agreed upon between you and OSCAR OF SWEDEN, or in another way exhibits deviances can also be regarded as defect. Defects that have occurred because of damages that you have inflicted do not constitute manufacturer’s defects.

OSCAR OF SWEDEN must always be contacted before any faulty product is returned to us.

If you issue a complaint regarding a faulty product more than six months after the product has come into your possession, it is also your responsibility to demonstrate that the product’s fault is a manufacturer’s defect. OSCAR OF SWEDEN therefore recommends you to thoroughly examine products upon delivery and notify us about any faults as soon as you find them. If you issue a complaint regarding a faulty product you, as a customer, are primarily entitled to having the fault corrected, secondarily entitled to having your product replaced with a faultless product. In some cases you are also entitled to having the agreement cancelled and your payments reimbursed. If your complaint is approved you shall be indemnified against any costs that may arise because of the complaint. For instance, costs for reshipping a faulty product shall be reimbursed by OSCAR OF SWEDEN. Please note that you, as a customer, should minimize, as far as possible, any costs that may arise when a product turns out faulty.

Contact details for warranty claims.




Proviso of cancellation

OSCAR OF SWEDEN reserves the right to cancel the Agreement if the customer has acted in bad faith because of inaccuracies that the customer knew or should have known, such has incorrect information about prices or quantities at Should the proviso of cancellation be effected, the customer has no right to damages or other compensation from OSCAR OF SWEDEN.

Proviso of change

OSCAR OF SWEDEN reserves the right to change the contents of  without notice in advance, which includes but is not limited to, range, prices and campaigns. However, such a change does not change Agreements already entered between OSCAR OF SWEDEN and a customer.


OSCAR OF SWEDEN shall be deemed exempted from all obligations under the Agreement, if liability would otherwise have occurred because of events which are beyond the Agreement, OSCAR OF SWEDEN’s business or as otherwise provided by mandatory law.



Force Majeure

In the event of government action or non-performance, new legislation, labour conflict, war or threat of war, major disruptions of public order, sabotage, extreme weather conditions, fire, explosion, natural disaster, accident or other circumstances beyond OSCAR OF SWEDEN’s control that OSCAR OF SWEDEN could not reasonably overcome or predict, OSCAR OF SWEDEN has the right to advance the date of its performance under the Agreement or withdraw from its obligations in the Agreement. In such an event OSCAR OF SWEDEN shall not be liable to compensate the customer for any damages to the customer on account of this.